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Immersed in the magnificent surrounding landscape, T’Ami Hotel offers Wellness journeys in the Private Spa and body care treatments dedicated to psychophysical well-being. Here, the art of well-being comes to life through paths that embrace your soul and renew your spirit in an explosion of emotions.

The Mountain Spa reveals itself as a sanctuary of delights, where the bio sauna infused with the most precious essences envelops you in a warm and comforting embrace. In the steam bath, chromotherapy dances with aromatherapy, painting a vivid picture of colors and scents that awaken the senses. The Kneipp path, with its Mill Shower and emotional showers, is a courageous journey through sensations, while the therapeutic hydro-massage for two, in vibrant and pure water, creates a symphony of intimate connection. At the heart of this paradise, the relaxation area welcomes you with therapeutic notes and healing herbal teas, offering a moment of pure enchantment.

The Sky Spa is the new outdoor and panoramic wellness area, a realm of sensory luxuries. The hydro-massage mini pool welcomes you with its warm waters, while the natural cedar wood vitarium 2.0 becomes a gateway to sound and aromatic worlds, where music enfolds you like an embrace and the purest essences awaken your soul. Chromotherapy illuminates the sky above you, while aromatherapy transports your dreams into the clouds. The relaxation area opens up to breathtaking views, gazing beyond the boundaries of the Selvino city center, towards the Orobie pre-Alps that embrace the horizon.

And then, the enchantment culminates in the Rooms of Well-being, where Holistic Practitioners become alchemists of wellness. Through massages and treatments wrapped in ancient rituals, Ayurveda cradles your senses, Relaxation massage untangles the knots of time, and couple’s massages weave unbreakable bonds between kindred hearts.

Explore the magic of T’Ami Hotel, nestled in natural beauty. Here, your well-being takes center stage: unwind in the Mountain Spa with sauna and aromatherapy, or in the panoramic Sky Spa with a spectacular view of the Orobie Pre-Alps. Our Ayurveda, Relaxation, and couples’ massages will transport you to a world of tranquility and harmony. Discover the unique experience of pure wellness and inner peace in Selvino, only at T’Ami Hotel.

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Before entering the SPA or the Massage Room, please remove jewelery, watches and leave your valuables in the room. Hotel staff is not responsible for the loss of items. We recommend that you show up at the reception desk 5-10 minutes before the agreed time to complete the health assessment form and enjoy peacefully our services.
For the safety of the hotel guests it is forbidden to enter the SPA under the influence of drugs and alcohol; the hotel reserves the right to immediately suspend the wellness program without any reimbursement, to anyone on drugs and / or alcohol or behave in such a way as to disturb other guests . In these cases the structure reserves the right to expel the guest from the Structure without any refund and report the incident to the competent authorities.


To respect the reservation of other customers, please be aware that we can not extend the treatment time or the spa session if you arrive later than the scheduled appointment. Likewise, the payment will be fully collected. If you need to cancel the treatments or the Wellness path, please do it 48 hours in advance, no penalty will be applied.
Cancellations within 24 hours before the appointment will be reimbursed at 50%, no shows and cancellations on the same day will not be refunded under any circumstances, for any reason.