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In our restaurant, which beats in harmony with the soul of the entire hotel, we welcome you with the warmth and attention typical of a family. The cuisine we offer is a heartfelt tribute to our land, a celebration of the roots that surround us. The carefully selected raw ingredients from the most reputable suppliers in the region come to life in our culinary creations, narrating the story and passion of this place. No matter your dietary preference, we will take care of you with dedicated menus that include vegetarian, fish-based, and gluten-free options.

Our wine list is a kaleidoscope of flavors, featuring over 200 labels from various regions of Italy. Each sip tells stories of distant lands and ancient winemaking traditions.

We invite you to immerse yourself in this gastronomic experience, where each dish is a culinary embrace, and every sip is a sensory journey. May your appetite always be satisfied!

I have desired an intimate and spacious room, comfortable and cozy, bright and with splendid views. I choose raw materials with the concept of “Tradition,” favoring local producers with the excellences of the Territory and beyond. I enjoy cooking, allowing myself to stimulate and excite the senses of our guests, starting from the study and respect for the raw ingredients.